What ePACS Can Do For You

ePACS® is straight through processing in a box, built for financial service firms. True Straight-Through processing means that all steps along the way are workflow-enabled, decreasing the likelihood of errors and delays. The patent-pending ePACS is pre-integrated with all the subsystems needed to move any piece of business through your firm.  Completely paperless, the experience starts with the client-advisor interaction and continues seamlessly straight through the home office to clearing and fund companies as appropriate. ePACS helps you and your advisors succeed because your time and energy can be focused where it counts – servicing the clients.

Bottom Line

  • Reduced turnaround time for new applications and ongoing business
  • Elimination of most NIGO (not in good order) conditions
  • Increased principal supervision and advisor transparency
  • Simplified compliance-approved audit and blotter
  • Satisfy SEC’s books and records rules 17a-3 and 17a-4
  • Reduced human error rates
  • Elimination of duplicate entry
  • Increased completion and validation rates
  • Decreased processing time for all lines of business
  • Quicker payment of commissions and fees
  • Save thousands on mailing costs

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