Enable Consistent Ad Review

ePACS Advertising Review

Are you struggling to keep pace with a growing firm and increased demand for timely advertising review? Is your process scalable and cost-effective? Are you presented with these challenges?

  • Frustrated advisors
  • Overwhelmed staff
  • Manual OSJ review
  • Inconsistent work flow
  • Unsecure paper trails
  • Lack of control

ePACS Advertising Review
Digitize your advertising review process, increase control, and deliver a more timely and consistent review every time. ePACS Advertising Review delivers:

  • Pre-built work flows for fast, consistent ad reviews
  • Easy advertising indexing
  • Management controls for review assignment, review escalation, and more
  • Stores documents, comments, and updated versions in a SEC/FINRA compliant system
  • Increased visibility for all
  • Built-in FINRA submission process
  • Better service for advisors
  • Hands-on professional assistance
  • A hassle-free process

Single-Vendor Complete Workflow Processing

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What You Get With ePACS Productivity Suite

✔ Turn-Key Compliance

✔ Eliminate Bottle-Necks and Errors

✔ Reduce Risk Exposure

✔ Increase Workflow Efficiency


✔ Process All Lines of Business

✔ Fees & Commissions Paid Faster

✔ Correct Paperwork the First Time

✔ Paperless and Regulatory Compliant


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