Simplifying Alternative Investments

ePACS AI Solution

The Challenge

According to a recent McKinsey study, alternatives are expected to comprise about 15% of global industry assets and produce up to 40% of industry revenues by 2020.1 However, this growth opportunity comes with challenges, including keeping current with requirements for increasingly complex alternative investments and the long list of relevant rules and regulations. One misstep or misunderstanding can mean lawsuits, high fines or even loss of business. To continue to meet the increasing investor demand for alternatives while maintaining compliance with state, firm and product rules, it is critical for Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors to have the right tools and systems in place.

The Solution

Introducing ePACS AI Solution, an industry-changing tool that can help Broker-Dealers and RIAs incorporate alternative investments more easily and safely than ever before by:

  • Automatically generating a tailored list of eligible clients within an advisor’s book of business and matching clients to the alternative investments on their Broker-Dealer’s or RIA’s platform
  • Ensuring that every recommendation is 100% compliant with federal, state, Broker-Dealer, RIA and product rules
  • Streamlining the actual investment process to ensure that transactions are processed in days rather than weeks
  • Eliminating paperwork by incorporating e-signature functionality

1McKinsey Alternative Investments Survey, 2013/2014

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Single-Vendor Complete Workflow Processing

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What You Get With ePACS Productivity Suite

✔ Turn-Key Compliance

✔ Eliminate Bottle-Necks and Errors

✔ Reduce Risk Exposure

✔ Increase Workflow Efficiency

✔ Process All Lines of Business

✔ Fees & Commissions Paid Faster

✔ Correct Paperwork the First Time

✔ Paperless and Regulatory Compliant


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