Paperless Financial Services Processing From Start To Finish

ePACS© Straight-Through Processing

Processing times for investor applications are a major problem in the financial services industry.

The Challenge
Transaction processing is unnecessarily complicated. It takes days for an order to settle – that is, unless there is missing or outdated information. In that case, the clearing agent contacts the operations group of the Broker-Dealer or RIA who then reaches out to the advisor or the advisor’s assistant and the burden is on them to follow up with the client‚ starting the process all over again.

A Better Alternative
Fortunately, there’s a better alternative that enables transactions to be processed in minutes instead of days, at a reduced cost and with no redundancies or paperwork. It is called Straight-Through Processing, brought to market through ePACS©.

The Solution: ePACS© Straight-Through Processing
When first inputted, all general account information is automatically saved in the ePACS© Straight-Through Processing system. The information then pre-populates every form, every time. Any update to client information appears on all forms in the system. For information unique to a particular transaction, the client or advisor simply inputs the new information and the client signs electronically. If any part of the application is incomplete or incorrect, the ePACS© Straight-Through Processing system automatically detects the problem and alerts the advisor before the application is sent out, eliminating NIGO subscriptions. Forms can then be securely recorded, transmitted, processed, confirmed, cleared and settled within minutes.

  • Lightens the Registered Investment Advisory and Broker-Dealer Burden: Totally paper-free. All the manual, mind-numbing work is done for you
  • End-to-End: Completely streamlines every aspect of transaction processing from your computer or device to theirs, with additional security, authentication, tracking, reporting and instantaneous confirmation
  • Easy to Integrate: The client-friendly, ePACS© Productivity Suite quickly and easily integrates with any preexisting system
  • Sets the New Industry Standard: Establishes one common process between firms, all Broker-Dealers, and RIAs, decreasing turnaround time and reducing errors and costs. This is the future of transaction processing.

Single-Vendor Complete Workflow Processing

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What You Get With ePACS© Productivity Suite

✔ Turn-Key Compliance

✔ Eliminate Bottle-Necks and Errors

✔ Reduce Risk Exposure

✔ Increase Workflow Efficiency

✔ Process All Lines of Business

✔ Fees & Commissions Paid Faster

✔ Correct Paperwork the First Time

✔ Paperless and Regulatory Compliant


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