Straight-Through Processing Network

A SEC/FINRA compliant, cloud-based, interconnected network enabling Broker-Dealers, RIAs, advisors, and investment providers to process all their business securely and electronically.

Currently in-network:

  • Fortune 500 Financial Firms
  • Specialty BDs & RIAs
  • 125,000 Advisors
  • Hundreds of Investment Providers

Financial Firm Challenges

Many Broker-Dealers, RIAs and Investment Providers still operate using a “Part-through processing” system which presents ongoing challenges.

Manual Data and Document Processing

  • Paper Intensive
  • High NIGO Rates
  • Critical Delays
  • Reliant On Overnight Mail
  • Lack of eSign Options
  • No Check 21 Processing

Inefficient Document Management

  • Not Industry-Specific
  • Decentralized
  • No Bifurcation
  • Manual Indexing
  • Poor Search Capabilities
  • Prone to Regulatory Fines

Limited Compliance Oversight

  • Inadequate Workflows
  • Lack of Transparency
  • No Suitability Reviews
  • Minimal Audit Trails
  • Elevates Firm Risk

Separate & Disparate Systems

  • Functionality Gaps
  • No Data Validations
  • Multi-Vendor Management
  • Not Cost-Effective
  • Inadequate Scalability

Entirely paperless.

Entirely secure.


Entirely compliant.

When you think of Straight-Through Processing, it starts with the Advisor and goes all the way out to the Product Sponsor and the Clearing Firm, the Custodians and then back to the Client.

Kevin Laraia

COO, Docupace Technologies




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