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What You Get With Docupace

Docupace is the only single-vendor complete Straight-Through processing platform for financial services.

Save Your Firm Time, Money and Administrative Overhead

Docupace Technologies provides broker-dealers and financial advisors with an easy to use, SEC and FINRA-compliant business software called ePACS Productivity Suite.

Fully compliant with SEC, FINRA and state regulations – ePACS centralizes and automates virtually all primary back office functions, reducing risk, time and costs.

ePACS Productivity Suite is popular among financial services professionals because of its simplicity. All ePACS software integrates quickly and without hassle into any preexisting system, and the results are almost immediate. Getting started is simple and straightforward, and account specialists are assigned at no extra charge to help you along the way.

✔ Turn-Key Compliance

✔ Eliminate Bottle-Necks and Errors

✔ Reduce Risk Exposure

✔ Increase Workflow Efficiency

ePACS Productivity Suite

ePACS Straight-Through Processing

 Specifically Built for Financial Services Firms


ePACS Centralized Vault

 Take the Sweat Out of FINRA Audits


ePACS Data Room

 Make Document Collaboration a Cinch


ePACS Advertising Review

Increase Control for Consistent Ad Review

ePACS Advisor On-Boarding

 Simplify the On-Boarding Process


ePACS Compliant Mail

Save Up To 80% On Mailing Costs


Docupace has been instrumental in transforming the way we do business and will continue to enhance our client service initiatives tremendously Kelly Knight

CEO, Concorde Investment Services

The industry will be embracing this—nowhere else can all of the many pieces of business processes come together so seamlessly Stephan Distante

CEO & Chairman, Vanderbilt Financial Group

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